AI2(b) Final Project

Final Project Requirements

For this assignment you will create an app of your own design.  You will have two weeks to complete it.  Your score on this project, is worth 50% of your course grade.

You are free to design whatever type of app you want.  In terms of the sophistication or complexity of the app, it must be a non-trivial app.  For example, it cannot simply be a minor tweak to one of the app’s we’ve done in the course, although a significant extension of one of our apps would be okay.

Minimum Technical Requirements  

The app must meet certain minimum technical requirements.

  • Data Abstraction.  The app must include at least two variables and must make use of either a list or a database.
  • Procedural Abstraction.  The app must include at least two programmer-defined procedures or functions.
  • Algorithms and Control.  The must include at least one if/else structure or one loop.

Evaluation Rubric

The following criteria will be used to evaluate your project.  Each criterion will be worth 5 points, ranging from 0 (unable to assess) to 5 (good),  for a total of 20 points.

  • Purpose:  The app’s purpose is clearly described and the app itself clearly achieves its purpose.
  • Technical Requirements:  The app meets or exceeds the minimum technical requirements as described above.
  • Functional Performance. The app was downloaded and tested and it worked as expected without major performance issues or bugs.
  • Scope:  The app represents a significant creative accomplishment and is not just a minor variation or extension of one of the apps we did in the course.

Minimum Presentation Requirements 

In order for you app to be reviewed by your peers in this course, you will be required to provide a link to a publicly accessible presentation  of your app that meets the following minimum requirements.  

  • Title. The app’s title.
  • Elevator Pitch. A one sentence description of your app that captures its essential purpose.
  • Description. A one paragraph description of your app that describes its purpose and scope and summarizes its basic functions.
  • App Screenshot.  A screenshot of one of the app’s main screens or views.
  • Blocks Screenshot.  A screenshot of the blocks that demonstrates that the app meets the technical programming requirements of the project.
  • QR code and Download Link. A functioning QR code and a functioning HTML link to your app’s APK file and a brief description of how the reviewer should test the app.

Sample Presentation